New Month, New Music... 22prime

Cover Art for "In Other Words"

Cover Art for "In Other Words"

Fresh off the block! When my boys and fellow Tribesman "22prime" told me they had a new release on the way- I wasn't quite sure what to expect. I knew their vibe from the way they DJ'd, but I definitely maintained a curious sense of excitement as I patiently waited to actually hear the project. Fast forward to last month- May, the track is released by Ibiza based Tech House Label "Haustronaut Recordings" under the title "In Other Words" and all I can do is hit repeat!

I can't help but get totally submerged in the songs progression + that beautiful sample of Asha Bhosle's "Mujhe Maar Daalo" - it teleports me straight out of wherever I'm listening to the song and settles me down nice and comfortable in another dimension... (sitting on a comfy pillow in the middle of a white sanded desert, looking up at the Milky Way through a cloudless sky) >Insert Camel emoji Here<


22prime @&nbsp;their DLTA Photoshoot&nbsp;

22prime @ their DLTA Photoshoot 

Do the boys a solid, have a listen.. and if you get as lost in it as I do, grab yourself a copy! The love & appreciation will be felt!

Much Love