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(Jacob Holguin)


 Chief / Founder                                                                                        









IG/Twitter: @djadvi

Jacob Holguin aka ADVI is a Los Angeles based DJ/Producer born on January 1, 1986. ADVI is pronounced “86.” Born and raised on the East Coast in Connecticut- Jacob became heavily influenced by electronic music at the young age of 9. Since then, Jacob moved to Los Angeles, CA- dedicated his life to creating and expressing himself through music and runs an Awake & Conscious Art/ DJ Collective called the “3rd Eye Tribe.” 

ADVI is a familiar name in the LA Underground scene. He began DJing events in 2012 and can most commonly be seen playing sets at Avalon & Los Globos After hours aside from a slew of regular “Secret Location” Warehouse Events. Some of ADVI’s biggest influences include; Pete Tong, Carl Cox, Mark Knight & Eric Prydz. ADVI’s sound can be described as dark, groovy, hypnotic & melodic. ADVI is also a resident DJ for the popular- Modern Disco Ambassadors and Lab Sessions on Subliminal Radio. If you don’t get a chance to make it out to one of his shows, ADVI is aired globally through his Lab Sessions Residency with Subliminal Radio on the last Friday of every month.





IG: @ochemtrailz

Chemtrailz is one of the freshest new techno acts to emerge from Texas. From Austin, Texas to Los Angeles, California, the former medical cannabis horticulturist burst on the LA techno scene seemingly from nowhere in 2017 when he joined forces with 3rd Eye Tribe LA to launch his new deep, bangin’, darker melodic techno sound. He kicked off 2018 with three E.P.’s, two thus far with Twisted Vintage Music in the UK under his normal Chemtrailz alias and one on Darkground in Barcelona as Chemtraiz.

Chemtrailz began producing and DJing seriously in 2010 after finishing his bachelors at University of Texas Austin and his audio engineering certifications at MediaTech Austin. After starting with techno then exploring deep progressive sounds for about 5 years, the ProTools certified producer came back full circle to deeper, darker, bangin' melodic techno in 2017. Under his older progressive sound, The Organic Chemist released on labels like Todd Terry's Inhouse, 7FGR, Onyx Aetherion and plenty of his own self-releases under his Organic Chemistry imprint and via white label.

Currently working in LA as a DJ and promoter for 3rd Eye Tribe, Chemtrailz spends every drop of his spare time in the lab- with over a dozen new productions in the pipeline as of June 2018. Be sure to keep an eye out for Chemtrailz; 2018 looks to be quite promising for this fresh new act with his distinct 432hz deep conscious sound.




FACEBOOK : @OrganicChemistryMusic


Relic 1

(Timothy Ryan Yoak)


IG: @relic.1


Hitting the decks since the age of 15, from vinyl to mp3s, now almost 30, Relic 1 derived as a graffiti artist from West Los Angeles. From Hip Hop culture into Electronic music culture over the years, from the city to the mojave desert scene. Relic 1 currently has ties to the 3rd Eye Tribe, Afro99, and Bass Religion. Spanning gigs indoor and outdoor, from the deserts and the forests, to the club scenes all over California. Currently active in many styles of bass heavy music, Relic 1 curates House and Dub Reggae influenced sounds.


Aaron Cappy

IG: @aaron_cappy



Aaron Cappy is a Los Angeles based DJ & producer who draws from the deep, tech, & progressive shades of house & techno. A music school graduate with formal training in music theory, audio engineering, sound design & production, Aaron brings confidence, an open mind, & an emotional sound to the speakers. 

As a resident DJ for the 3rd Eye Tribe, & a promoter for Exchange LA, & the Modern Disco Ambassadors, Aaron is quickly finding a home for himself in the dance music scene. Locally, he has performed at Exchange LA, & has also appeared on Subliminal Radio's Lab Sessions radio podcast. 

From playing bass in a recording indie rock band, to interning in a Santa Monica recording studio, to being the DJ for various small local events, Aaron has learned some valuable skills along the way, & is ready to start making waves of his own.


Marlo Morales

IG: @marlo_morales

From House to Progressive, and everything in between, a sense of control is paramount to a tight track - it contains a sound that is balanced, and arranged with a high attention to detail; it allows the producer to maximise the effect of subtle creative decisions that essentially defines their unique sound.For Californian producer/DJ, Marlo Morales, this is no exception. Inspired by a master of the genre in the likes of Joris Voorn, Morales boasts an uprightly, forward-heading sound, both in the studio and behind the decks.From the age of 21, Morales ditched his gig as a punk rock guitarist, and instead dedicated hours learning the ropes of audio mixdown and arrangement, whilst carving out a recognizable electronic sound. As a result, his sound is refined and tasteful, culminating in the creation of unique atmospheres from track to track - whether it be a smooth, tech house roller for those Sunday sessions, or a late night 2am bumper to drive the party.Soon after diving into audio production, Morales found himself behind a Pioneer setup and never looked back. At the mixer, Morales’ style is a testament to what a selektor is supposed to be - spontaneous; with an eye on the decks and one on the dance floor; he spins with both the crowd and himself as an artist in mind.With numerous mixes featured on the Lab Sessions podcast, of which Morales manages himself; and forthcoming releases and remixes on labels, 70x7 Records, and Subtone Records, respectively, MM is set to be in a position that sees his eclectic brand of electronic music make it with the likes of Max Cooper, Florian Meindl, Sasha, and Voorn, himself.


Aaron Carrillo

IG: @aaroncarrillo_life

Aaron Carrillo is a Los Angeles based house music and dance artist. He began dabbling with music production back in 2006 making krump dance style music, but he's always been in love with house music. With influences from styles like Chicago Jackin house, New York Deep house and a twist of West Coast Hip Hop, he's found a style for himself that is blossoming into something unique. 

Aaron has begun his solo journey with his first official single “Ain’t It” via Oxygen Records in October 2017. He also has since released other original tracks such as “Young Love”, “Light that ass”, “Baby back up” and “Hat to the back” which include lyric samples from Erykah Badu, Biggie Smalls, Busta Rhymes and Snoop Dogg. All can be found as free downloads via his SoundCloud. His next official release, “Summer in Fall” dropped April 9th via Disco Balls Records. Following that was another release, “Cali Love”, which released May 1st via Production Block Records. Needless to say, he is on the move with his unique house style to share with the world.



(Adam & Jonny)

IG: @22prime

22prime is a cruelty-free dance research project whirring through time and space. Based in the Milky Way's Orion Arm, they're not always easy to find, but you can hear them from light-years away.



IG: @Aztech_AZ

Aztech is a house/techno DJ born and raised in Phoenix, AZ. He has a wide scope of influences and his love for dance music first came in the form of funk/disco, which transfers into his style of playing.